Blue badge

Hi, I am just wondering as people keep telling me o apply, would I qualify for a blue badge? I can only just walk 1000yards until I start struggling? I’m more concerned that places we go on holiday and have been before I know I may struggle getting from the car park to where the beach is (Lyme Regis) . I’ve read the criteria but it doesn’t tell you about distances walking etc? Thanks

I applied for mine earlier on this year and the advice I was given was don’t tell them how far you can walk tell them how far you get before you feel discomfort …for me me that was 20 yds. I was asked to go for an assessment with a nurse …one of the things they concentrate on is how you get in and out of the car. I use a stick so I told her that normal car parking spaces are difficult as I need to fully open the car door to be able to use my stick to get out of the car…she told me that that was the kind of answer she was looking for. She told me at the end of the assessment that she would be recommending me for a blue badge. It has been a huge benefit for me and does make a difference. By the way, I love Lyme Regis it was our childhood annual holiday spot…I’d be doubtful whether I could make it back up that hill now though!!! understand your need. Good Luck you should just go for it. X

I don’t get any discomfort till probably about 800 yards, I can get in and out of the car fine although notice now I swing both feet out before standing when getting out. Think ill apply and see. Lyme regis is gorgeous and I’m not sure ill make that hill. Thanks hun x X

Hi. To be honest I’d be surprised if you got one if you can walk that far. If you get the higher mobilkity component of DLA then you’ll get one but presumably you don’t have that. But there’s no harm in applying & seeing what they say. They’ll almost certainly turn you down at the first attempt, but I think sometimes it seems like it’s just standard policy, so if they do then appeal. When I first applied I could barely walk 20yards & they turned me down, but then I got it on appeal.

Good luck!


I don’t think I will but people keep urging me to apply. When I think wherethe car parks are near us in relation to shops I would struggle to get to the shop if I parked too far away. Ill apply and give it a go but I too think its unlikely. Thanks x

My MS nurse told me to apply for one and she would back me up because when I’m bad I can’t walk far but when I good I can, my doctor said they would give me a badge because I’m not constantly bad

Delay in IPad seems to make me post twice, sorry !

I was tuned down for DLA asseed under new PIP rules. I applied and sent for an assesment, I scored 10 points need 11 or more to get a badge. I wrote to my Gp who contacted the council, I now have my badge. I am un Dx ast the moment. But after talking to people at my MS yoga group if you apply and enclose a letter from your MS nurse- if you have one. Then you will be issued with a badge.


I applied for mine a few years ago under protest as I felt I was just about OK to walk and didn’t want the percieved stigma, the process of application and assessment took so long in my area that by the time I got my badge I was worse and it came as a god send. I now have a splint for dropped foot and wouldn’t be without it. I’d say go for it.

Becksie x


In order to be successful in a blue badge application I think you need to adjust your thinking.

When I first read your post and saw that you can walk 1000 yards (more than half a mile ) I thought “no chance!” However later on you said that on a bad day you can’t walk that far and that 1000 yards is actually 800 even on a good day.

MS is a fluctuating condition and assessors are aware of that. You need to start off by saying how far you can walk when you are bad and how often that is . Then you can talk about being able to walk much further on a good day – the distance you can walk is when the discomfort hits you (presumably 800 yards) not how far you can drag yourself (No points for bravery)

Lib67 makes a really good point about needing the extra space a disabled parking bay would give you. The aim of the badge is to allow you to park close to the entrance of shops etc. If you say that you could easily schlep from the furthest corner of the car park you’ll never get one. It’s not about lying – just making sure that you put the emphasis on what you can’t do not what you can.


Hi Lisalou,

My blue badge is a life saver. I applied online then my Dr phoned me up for a chat. She agreed that on a bad day I’d struggle with 10m and that she would sign it for me.

The badge can be used in any car you’re in so I take it with me when I go out with friends.

I think as MS is such an unpredictable monster they may let you have one. Just say the distance you can walk at your worst.(think of the hills)

Good luck.

Jen x

Thanks all… My walking fluctuates, I went to asda today and I’d okay although legs felt difficult by the time I was at the till… However I think it makes a difference when your holding onto a trolley too. I feel I can walk further holding something ! However if I’m honest with myself I probably get discomfort sooner than 1000yards particularly on a bad day but walk through it , walking rather funny through it. On a Friday I am off slits just me and my boy, I’m on my feet most of the day and busy but seem to cope, however again I’m usually waking a bit funny but just carry in cos I have to. So it’s hard to pinpoint where the discomfort starts as I just get on with it and am busy if that makes sense. But I do know that I struggle and the walking changes at a point! Hence why I’m going to get a walking stick (I think). I’m gonna test the distance I think by taking a walk and being true to myself to see where the problems start. Think a little bit of me is thinking if I’m not bad enough for a badge I must be okay but when I think about holidays I know I’m going to struggle with some of the things we used to do as we used to walk a lot to beaches etc etc, parking on car parks that are not that close etc and I know I would struggle at the moment. Think I’m hoping ill improve but again might be fooling myself a little … Thanks for all your advice x x x

I’ve just applied for a blue badge as iI have given up on shopping trips if I can’t park close enough - knowing I’ll be exhausted by the time I get to Tesco’s front door lol. Also I have to look for a space that has a space next to so I can swing out properly with crutches and hope that its still empty when I get back. When I applied I was still waiting for DLA application to be decided but since then I have been awarded higher rate of mobility so will now get Bluebadge without assement (i think!)