Blood Test results

Hi Guys

Anyone clued up regarding blood test results?

I’d really like to know what they could mean.

The annomiles are as follows:-

General Haematology:-

Red Blood Cell Count - High 5.53

Mean platelet volume - Low 7.4

Cellular Immunology:-

CD8+ lymphocytes absolute - Low 165

B lymphocytes % - High 20.4

Thanks in advance

Hello Rebel

Sorry, no clue as to those blood results. Have you asked your GP for assistance?

Are you now on a disease modifying drug? Are the test results relevant to the DMD? I just looked back and you were umming and ahhing about Tecfidera versus Lemtrada. If you opted for Tecfidera, the lymphocytes count could be due to the drug. If so, do you have a treatment nurse service? They could be who you should approach for help and advice.