blood on the loose

So i was taken a blood sample at the hospital (which is a day trip on the plane from a little island for me) to check for JCV and it went astray on the way to denmark (!!). That’s where they test it apparently (seriously, you can’t do it in the UK?!). Argh, really annoyed…i wanted to test it because I’m on tecfidera…

My blood test got damaged on its way to Denmark (on Tysabri), I was started on the DMD without knowing the result of the JCV test as they had to retake it when I attended for the drug. The makers of these drugs are based in Denmark, so I assume they won’t let the tests be done anywhere but their labs, annoying really.

U wonder how it can get lost/damaged…! My lymphocytes are at 1.0 so not crucial to know about JCV really yet but i still would like to know. Do u know now?

Yes, I am ‘strongly positive’ for the anti bodies. However, as I relapsed about 8 times in 2 years they wanted to stop the relapsing.

Its supposed to be ‘rarer than hens teeth’ to have any problems during the first year, if not the second, when the risk then goes up.

They keep a close eye on you to make sure you are showing no signs of PML and you also have frequent blood tests.

Fingers crossed.