Blog about how I was diagnosed with MS

Hi All

I have written this blog following my diagnosis over a year ago, and as a way of helping me to come to terms with everything that I had been through over the past year. Also I hope that this encourages people to continue to seek medical help when they feel ill, and if they have been told that there is nothing wrong with them, like I experienced, until they get the answers that they need. I believe that nobody knows your body like yourself, and if something does not feel right, and you continue to feel that way then you should persist with seeking medical help until you start to feel better, or get an answer. Initially, during the first few months following diagnosis, I had a negative outlook on things and thought that having this illness was going to change my life to the worse forever. However now I have realised that life does not have to change that much, and most of my negativity was due to a lack of knowledge about my condition, and that life can continue similar to how it was before diagnosis, but a few things just need to be adapted to help you along the way. I now see things more positively and no longer in that dark place that I was in over a year ago.


Hi Lisa, Thank you for posting that. You made me laugh, cry and I was nodding in agreement with some points about my own experiences so far. I am really pleased you have found relief and that your diagnosis didn’t take so many years as it is for so many. Thank you and very best wishes for your treatment and future. P.s. have you had your wedding yet? I am getting married next month, a week after my first Neuro appointment. Sam x

Fantastic blog Lisa! You have a wonderful way with words and obviously a great sense of humour.

I confess I was a bit disappointed to get to the end, it was such a good read, so I hope you’ll share any updates with us?

If you’re a married lady now congratulations and I hope all goes well for you and congratulations in advance to you, too Sam. Hope you have a terrific day.

Mags xx

Hi Lisa

Your blog is very moving.

I was diagnosed a few years ago and it bought back the feelings of this time for me.

You have a talent for writing - it must have been very emotional to write this so soon after diagnosis. It was emotional to read also.

I wish you all the best,

thanks for sharing

Teresa. x

Thanks Lisa I really enjoyed reading your blog.

Love Gillian x

Just wanted to add to the comments of others - that was a really good read, you write brilliantly and it was very entertaining whilst being moving and at times somewhat familiar. Thanks for sharing, and if you do write any updates I’ll be sure to read.

Thank you for sharing. You write so well and make everything so lucid. I cant believe your leg had to virtually not function before someone saw something was seriously wrong.

Finally got round to reading your blog: it’s brilliant Some genuine laugh out loud moments - thanks for posting it.

One thing though: you LIKE cleaning???


Karen x

Hi Lisa Read your blog - it was really great.I am glad you could laugh at yourself through all that but it’s often not funny, is it? Teresa xx

Hi Lisa

Your blog is brilliant and I think that many of us can relate to the numerous visits to the different doctors etc before diagnosis. Thanks for sharing it.

Message for Karen (Rizzo) - I love cleaning too … but every six months (lol) !!! xx

WOW, really great blog, thanks for posting, it was a great read