bless badge misuse

I noticed a friend parking in a disabled spot said didn’t realise you had a blue badge he said no just in a hurry as I had to go to church said it was good that I had parked as otherwise I could not as he took the last place he walked away embarrassed hubby said you were a bit hard hubby obviously doesn’t get by disability


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Hi Trish,

I’m completely with you…I find that awful …sorry but I don’t think you were hard at all. I hope that your friend feels embarrassed…He should do! Obviously he has no idea about what it feels like in your shoes

Michelle x

well hubby said you may have lost a friend , and maybe i am getting hard but thought ah well , but hubby needs to wear my shoes, thouth he would not suit them hee hee

Hi Trish,

Well done you! I hope he was embarrassed and has the decency to say so when you n cat see him!

Take Care,

Nina x

The irony is that he was going to church!

What would Jesus do? NOT park in a disabled bay I’ll bet!!!

Good for you for embarrassing him.

Pat xx


yes that irony wasn’t lost on me, he is catholic like myself wonder if he will admit that one in confession


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Had my daughters parent evening last night, school only has 5 disabled parking bays and all were full with cars with no blue badge. Complained to the school and appears only one car was used by disabled person! I suppose I should feel sorry for all these able bodied people having to walk more than 50 yards from car park! They don’t have walking sticks to lean on and pain killers to help with pain caused by walking! So I will hear no more of this dissing of those poor fit people who have such a hard time! Lol

Mr Wobbly

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That was the bit I was gonna pick up on… hmmmmmm…

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Well, Mr Wobbly. If we don’t nip this in the bud we’ll have people like us getting out of their houses and trying to live a normal life.

In reality, I have found the misuse of disabled places in and around schools to be quite common, with those guilty getting all indignant about it.


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This always gets my goat, but I think it results from a failure to really appreciate the difficulties they’re creating for us. When you’re not disabled it is impossible to truly think yourself into the position of the disabled person. It is thoughtlessness rather than malicious. However, a sharp word of protest is totally OK, friend or not. If they don’t think it out they should be helped to do so.