Best bet diet

A friend who also has ms has recommended the Best Bet diet. Has anyone tried it?

hi moirah

i tried the best bet diet back in 2008 when first diagnosed.

it was so restrictive with no dairy or wheat amongst a zillion other things that i lost far too much weight.

i persevered until my youngest son (18 at the time) told me “for god’s sake EAT mum!”

cheese had never tasted so good.

so what i’m saying is don’t starve.

by all means give it a go if you have 3 sheds full of will power.

carole x

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so many diets designed to heal us. I bought the book Overcoming MS, it was so complicated and turned out expensive if i wanted to follow it 100 percent. I couldnt get on with the best bet diet fully. However, i am gluten free as i was tested and found i was sensitive to it, and wheat (not allergic), i had a bunch of tests done and the items I am sensitive too i avoid. I dont drink milk i drink coconut milk or almond milk. I follow a mediterrean diet mostly anyway no processed foods or loads of sugar etc. There are so many of these diets, gluten is actually a fact that it can cause more inflammation if you have MS or any other similar disease like RA or arthritis etc. I know if i eat anything major with it in my legs will burn like mad. I think the diets are very expensive to follow but yes some people find them helpful. I think its something one has to try to see.

Eat fresh eat local don’t eat out off packets or factories .

Plenty fruit and veg and red meat bake your own bread if you can if not fresh from baker it will cost a little more but better for you.

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I’ve been in touch with a very good Herbalist over the last month or so, mainly in regards to CBD oil but during our meets he has spoken about my diet, which is cr*p if I’m honest, anyway this chap has said the best thing for MS is a clean healthy diet & lifestyle, he went into some detail about what we should eating and what we should be avoiding.

The outcome was basically an empty cupboard and fridge of “normal” food !!!

His opinion was that to try to alter the path or progress of MS by diet alone was that we would need to be totally and absolutely relentless in filling our bodies with certain herbs and vitamins, everything else would need to go.

Not only would this cost of fortune, as most radical diets do, but as he commented you might find yourself in an even more controlled environment.

His basic advice was what hillbilly suggests, try to eat healthily when possible, cut out as much cr*p as possible but, more importantly, LIVE your life as best as possible, and try to cut out stress, which he said was worse for MS than any food we throw down our throats.

So if that bar of chocolate makes you feel a bit better on a bad day, sod it and munch away, but not every day that’s the general message.

I still think what I thunk before…i do try to eat reasonably healthily - but not for the sake of my MS - because it’s sensible. I had about 30 years between first being told I might have MS and being diagnosed.

For what it’s worth my lifestyle during that 30 years was pretty much very VERY ordinary. In fact I probably had a far less healthy diet then than I do now. I drank plenty of alcohol, burned the candle at both ends. Like most people do at some point, especially when you’re young and you can get away with it.

I am not a fatalist, i’m a realist - be kind to your body because you only get the one. Anything else is in the lap of the gods.

Personally I think if you start off in your youthful days following a healthy lifestyle and diet and stick with that regime, then you will see benefits throughout you life, but if like me you’re on the other-side of your best years and you’ve ate and drank what you like when you like, then trying to put things back to a fresh start is almost impossible, no matter what diet you follow.

I’m certainly not saying blah blah blah to people who follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, I just feel that trying to change to something so late on in life that you’ve never really followed, and hope that it will alter something like MS is a big ask.

Obviously if there are certain foods ect that trigger off your symptoms then stay away from them.

I would class my health, apart the MS as “normal”, I’ve never smoked, not dependant on drink, although I do like a tipple and also my food, I’am little over weight, but not excessively.

I think my biggest problem apart from the MS is stress, I’am a person who can get wound up and take too much on, especially when it comes to family.

Even now with my MS I’m still in the middle when it comes to helping out other members of the family, I cant help it or stop it, it’s in my genes.

I do believe, looking back to when I was diagnosed that stress was a major player.

Something has to trigger off MS, and in me I think it was stress ?

I lost my job after 32 years, then over a period of 8 months got laid off another twice, then at about the same time my father in law developed bowel cancer and had 3 heart attacks whilst in hospital, then my own father developed bowel cancer, my mother in law passed away from Pancreatic cancer, it was around this time I started to show symptoms of MS, 6 months later I was diagnosed.

Within a further 18 months my mother had also passed away with Pancreatic cancer !!

So now both myself and wife are trying to look after our elderly fathers who live on their own and are not really able to look after themselves, whilst trying to cope with my MS and also the wife’s own health is not great.

Yep, stress as they say is a killer !!!

I think I can feel a little Vodka & Coke alongside a nice bar of Galaxy coming on right now

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