Belated thank you

Hi all

A few weeks ago, I posted about some continence and urgency/frequency issues I was experiencing. I posted anonymously as I was feeling embarassed and a little ashamed. I hadn’t even plucked up the courage to tell my husband.

The kindness, knowledge and compassion I received from everyone who responded left me overwhelmed with comfort that people could be so kind. It gave me the courage to speak to my husband about it and to discuss everything with my GP.

She referred me back to the neuro and I am seeing him on Monday 14th. The urgency and frequency have both lessened (they went on for about 7 weeks), but still experiencing some continence issues - which I am learning to deal with.

GP thinks I may have to go for a spinal MRI. Already had a head MRI, so I don’t feel too nervous about it and I can cross that bridge if/when I come to it.

Will update after next neuro appointment, but really I just wanted to thank you all for the kindness you’ve shown a total stranger who was scared, alone and frightened. It really did make the world of difference to me

PG xxx

this is a lovely message and good luck with you appointment xx

I’ll second that, good luck with your appointment. Janet x