Being treated differently when you have a stick.

Today I had to go to my loca job centre which is a 25 minute bus ride away. I phoned yesterday to say it would depend how I was feeling as to whether I attend because I have been very ill and still recovering and they said that was fine. Anyway, I decided as I was feeling OK that I would go to get it over and done with.

I use a stick outside as my left leg is still a little weak and I walk with my feet quite wide apart for better balance. So I was waiting at the bus stop and when the bus arrived people were letting me go on first. I waved them on as I wasn’t comfortable with being treated ‘special’. When I got off the bus drivers were letting me across the road. People in shops were opening doors for me and when I went to get a coffee and a sit-down someone carried my coffee for me :slight_smile: Again, when getting bus home people offered me on first and the bus driver even asked me if I was ok as I got off. I was quite amazed actually at how kind and helpful the general public in Biggleswade were. I don’t usually go there as it is hard to get to. There are very few buses running to and from.

Just wanted to share that. :slight_smile:

Oh and the lady who interviewed me told me that she didn’t think I needed her breathing down my neck as I already have so much on my plate and that she wouldn’t need to see me for another 3 or 4 months :slight_smile:

That’s one less thing to worry about for now. Just need my divorce to come through next!


Yes, it takes some getting used to, doesn’t it, having a stick!

I too have noticed that people treat me differently. Walking along the pavement, they move out of my way to let me pass, open doors for me, give me a seat on the bus. One bus driver could see I was trying to hurry (with difficulty) to get on his bus which was already at the bus stop, & he waited, and even put the hydraulics down so that I didn’t have to step higher to get on.

It’s nice that people are so thoughtful, but part of me is sad 'cos it makes me feel so old .

However, having a stick just alerts other people that we’re not the fastest person around & they make allowances. Good to see there’s a lot of kindness out there .

Take care

Bren x

Hi I have had a different experience. People look at me with contempt and then expect ME to stand aside for THEM. They just keep coming. If someone IS kind and stands aside or helps me it is unusual. I don’t know why people are so mean. Teresa xx

Awww Teresa!!! That’s awful!

When I was little one of my favourite ‘actvities’ was to get a stick - poke it in dog poo - then chase the other children trying to jab them with it!! I used to think it was hysterical!!

(just for the record I’m very sorry and ashamed of my actions now!! lol)

Maybe you should consider this tactic!!! I would!!! xxxxjenxxxxxx

Good thinking Jen, except I couldn’t chase anyone for toffee! Maybe just waving it at them would be enough? Teresa xx