Being made to feel as though im bonkers

I dont really know where to start so I will start at the beginning. I had an accident four years ago causing my first onset of severe back pain. In this time I have been seen by numerous different specialists including orthopaedics,neurologists and most latest a neuro psychologist. I have severe leg tremor in left leg brought on by sitting,walking for too long. I have burning feet especially at night I have numbness and weakness in left leg and have been diagnosed with neurogenic bladder/lazy bladder by urologists at Guy’s hospital. Now I am being told I have functional neurological disorder!!! These pains are not in my head they are real. The neurologist wants to diagnose me with the functional neurological disorder but my own gp does not agree. I cant feel when my bladder is full until I get a pain and then sometimes I dont make it. I have had seven uti’s so far this year and admitted for five days with kidney infection. I just dont know where to turn. As soon as anxiety is mentioned they class you as mad. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? I have had mri of spine and brain and they are ok,I have had emg and awaiting result I have 17htz tremor of which causes loss of balance and due to the tremor causes constant feeling of ripped muscles in leg. I have much trouble with walking as it is painful and I cant sleep much due to pain even when im really tired I still cant sleep. Any advice would be great.

Hey there…

Sorry to hear of your ordeal… Sound slike you have been going through hell!

Have you had your B12 checked… I know low B12 can cause many neurological symptoms and I am sure that hot feet is a typical symptom too… You dind’t mention whether you were fatigued, but that is another typica; symptom of low B12.

Good luck & hugs

Troski x

If I were you, I’d go see a different GP who’s willing to investigate further on their behalf of the issues that are present. It doesn’t sound like it’s in your head, so don’t think that! If a specialist thinks there’s something then there must be.

I agree with Troski and think you need have a full blood work up to make sure it’s not too high or too long calcium levels either.

Best of luck and hugs

Tsuki xx