Being classed as disabled

Hi there folks.

I was diagnosed with PPMS nearly 8 years ago. Lost my job & driving licence. Now I have people claiming I can’t class myself as disabled, if I got my driving licence back & still walk with walking sticks.

Apparently I have a wheelchair & a rollator to pretend. A disabled person, should be someone who has a carer & others to do things for them. This came from someone diagnosed with RRMS 35 years ago & still able to walk without a stick. Someone who gets others to do everything for them & pretends NOT to be disabled!!! Claiming it belittles them, to be classed as disabled.

Being disabled, doesn’t make me ashamed. When I fall, I tell people I have Multiple Sclerosis. I help out at the local MS group, plus raise money & awareness. Be loud & proud of your problems. Hiding it, helps nobody! Those who think they are more or less disabled, are misleading themselves.

Terry is disabled & proud! cheeky

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If asked I just say I have a few limitations :slight_smile: People can make what they like of the comment.

Terry, totally agree. Nothing to be ashamed of and we didn’t ask for it.


Hi, This is my first visit so thought I would see what others are saying. I meet v. few people who actually have it themselves, but their auntie did, much worse than me , but occasionally I do notice the odd facial expression from someone when they ask and I usually try " I’m doing it for attention" or some similar jokey thing and wobble away.

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Oh this makes my blood boil! Puddle, why are you thinking about that ignorant person from 35 years ago? Forget them…

I am in the process of trying to dismiss a carer who said I was faking my weakness. It isnt easy to elbow her as she has gone on the sick…


I agree Bouds, I keep in touch with the person, because I see them regular. The fine line is wearing a bit thin. Why someone with more knowledge, chooses to take the higher ground, seems a common stance. It’s verging on Narcissistic.

I just get on with my stuff. The things people say, just get me worked up & hopefully someone will realise.

Being disabled is not a choice, any of us want. Trying to hide it, is pointless.

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I was recently ask if I was officially classed as disabled. I really didn’t know how to reply, nobody ever gave me a badge or a certificate!

Ignore the ignorant and your blood pressure will remain as it should be.

Take care

Jan x

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Hi Terry

These people are just plain ignorant take no notice of them, it always feels good to rise above them.

Pam x

F*** them


Recently had an encounter that was a breath of fresh ar.

i was out on one of my scooters and came across a wee boy who asked why I needed it. When I told him my legs don’t work properly anymore, he replied OK and went on to tell me about his day. It was so refreshing for it to be seen so matter of fact

My older brother always says it’s lucky I have a mild form of MS :wink: