becoming a full time carer

hi all i wondered if anyone could help, i have been off sick from work since august 2017 when my oh who suffers with rrms was admitted to hospital with a blood clot, my ssp comes to an end this month i know i wont be returning too work as his ms is getting worse and he has just been in hospital again with another blood clot this time in his lung, he missed his last tysarbri treatment they would nt do it because he was on anti biotics so is really in a bad way at the moment i claim carers allowance and have become his full time carer do i have to hand my notice in at work if im not going to return no one has been in touch with me all the time i ve been off has anyone been in the same predicament your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated thankyou


before you hand in your notice find out if you could claim constructive dismissal.

i’m not a carer, i have rrms.

wishing you well

carole x