Bar is open, but where's Jennie?

Cold tonic it is

Slice of lemon or lime or both?

I wish Jennie would show up as I’m run off my feet

Run??? chance would be a fine thing

Anyone for a drink or a top up?

Can I have a daytime drink of white rum & blackcurrent, more rum than owt else.

Cheer everyone, happy Sunday



Can i please have a large baileys with crushed ice.

jaki xx

Large white rum with dash of blackcurrant coming up

Large Baileys en frappe.


Evening All

Has anyone see Jennie?

I’m opening the bar and hope that she will along soon

What is anyone having?

[/quote] Hi, Yes i was wondering where she was but …who can blame her if shes not here …ITS JUST NOT THE SAME AS OUR COSY FORUM WE USED TO HAVE …and yeah i know you ahve to move on my sons got an IT company and i know its progress for the benefit of us …i used to come on here every day at least twice …in a day …now i dont…anyway im having some shiraz wine …linda xxx

Greetings fine people

How about a nice 10 year old Aberlour malt with the smallest dashes of water please


Not that hard to please, don`t mine if they are salted or unsalted, lol. You can hold the ice.


[quote=“celtic lass”]

Shiraz coming up Linda

Is that a bottle of glass ?

will provide a jug of water and you can mix to your own specification, wouldn’t want to dilute the Aberlour too much for you

Roasted, dry roasted, or honey roasted? [we aim to please!]