Baclofen Pump


I’m spms and having real problems with worsening spacticity in my legs. I can still walk a bit with a rollator.

I can’t tolerate any tablet anti spasmodics as they all make me sleep all the time, not good! So I’ve recently had a trial dose of intrathecal Baclofen.

The good news is it worked, but it’s left me with a lot to think about. It’s become clear that my left leg is a lot weaker than my right. When my right leg was coming back to life and I could weight bear a bit, my left was still completely dead. Unfortunatley it wore off fully over night while i was asleep so im not sure at what point my left leg started to function again.My prof suggests that I could have intense physio to try and build some muscle in my left leg but I don’t have the stamina, due to my fatigue levels, to be able to do that.

My ms nurse has also pointed out that it took twice as long as usual for the trial dose to wear off so it looks as if I’d only need a very small dose and it could be reaĺly tricky to find the right dose for me that would allow me to stay as mobile as I am now, as finding the balance between too stiff or too weak can be difficult and clearly I don’t want my mobility to get worse.

I wondered if any of you could share your experiences please? My head is currently spinning with everything and I really don’t know if I want to risk having to op if it’s not going to work for me.

Thanks all