Baclofen for PPMS

Hi all, new here! I started 10mg twice a day of baclofen on Thursday, is anyone else on this drug and if so does it help and how long does it take for it to start making a difference?


I had a false start with Baclofen, ramping up too quickly to 3x 10mg/day back in Feb’21. Started again with half-tablets and now take 2x 10mg and 2x 5mg daily. It does seem to help with spasms & rigidity but apparently can contribute to constipation. If you’re experiencing side-effects, back off a bit and split the tablets, then build up a bit. Not recommended to stop completely - slow down and then build up.

I’m also Progressive MS. Misdiagnosed for 5 years, upon diagnosis I was already EDSS 6.0 due mainly to needing a stick to walk.

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Hi, thing with baclofen is is that they tell you to find the best dose yourself. But too much makes your muscles too weak and falls can ensue.

Take it steady.


Hmm… I did NOT know that Bouds - thanks :+1:

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