baclofen and ibuprofen

hi everyone, hope you are as well as you can be.  i take baclofen daily and i also take ibuprofen occassionally for various aches and pains that rear their ugly head.  recently i have had swollen legs and wondered if anyone has had the same.  my doctor has said that the two together presents no problem and i have had a course of water tablets (as if going to the loo is a problem).  x


I'm now on baclofen permanently, and take ibuprofen quite often as well.  I've never had any problems with them, either separately, or together.

Without digging out the patient information leaflets and double-checking, I don't think swollen legs/water retention is a particular side-effect of either, so I'm curious what makes you suspect it's the meds, and not some other cause?

Are you quite mobile, still?  Limited mobility can increase any tendency to swelling and fluid retention.


thanks for your reply Tina, hubby went to a different chemist to get presciption and the pharmacist asked how many ibuprofen i took as there could be a problem. my doc. says it’s ok so i will be seeing him after i’ve had my hosp. appt… for results. fingers crossed.