retainig urine

Im not having problems have a wee in the morning my bladder feels very full and uncomfortable I always drink alot dureing the night as baclofen makes me very thirsty, but when I try to wee very little comes out, I have to stumble about for a bit hoping gravity will help

Hey hun…not sure if baclofen could also cause retention of urine…I know amthryptaline does…maybe check the info leaflets? I have retention of urine and its very uncomfortable to say the least. I also dont get the senstion my bladder is full…so tend do go by the clock…I self catheterise…maybe worth measuring what you do void when you do go…becuase there could be a residual. make a note of this and tell the nurse about it?

One for the new GP I would think? Sounds very uncomfortable!

Karen x

thanks guys, roll on monday