Back is in bits : (

Hi all just a quick question in between all that’s going on in my life .

My back across where my bra strap is but an inch lower feels like it is going to snap! This is the second time today and lasted over an hour the first time. Is this lesion related? as i’m un dx.

Thanks sonia x

Hi Sonia, does it feel very tight? Sort of squeezed? If so, it’s MS ‘hug’ (aka ‘banding’). It’s when the muscles of the rib cage go into spasm. First thing you need to do is take of that bra! Wearing a bra really irritates the muscles and makes hug much worse. Avoid big meals, wear loose clothes, try lying flat so your torso is not bent… most of all rest as much as you can and avoid stress if you can. Relaxation exercises help. Paracetamol helps.

You say ‘all that’s going on in my life’ which makes me think you are stressed. Hug is often a response to stress so try if at all possible to lighten the load.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

Sonia… one more thing… I see that you’re un dx… I would not want you to think that this means you definitely have MS.

There are of course a million different things that could be causing it… it’s just that MS hug is one of the million possibilities. You might simply have a pinched nerve or pulled muscle.

Sorry if I was misleading.

Pat x

Thanks pat, no not misleading as they think it is MS but i also have a rare blood disorder Anti thrombineamia which has caused isheamic damaged bits, vasculitis and they demyilisation bit is probably MS.

Alot going on is an understatement atm as i have asbo officials involved with my noisy abusive neighbours and their friends over the road and my 72yr old ill health father had a heart attack last wed and is in Coventry hosp 40 mins away awaiting a triple heart bypass with the odds against him. But if they don’t do it i will lose him anyway.

For obvious reasons i can’t trouble my mom and hide my pain as well as i can but atm it is all so much to deal with. Sorry to babble but i can’t stop at the thought of what he has to go through and wish i could do it for him.

Thanks sonia x

Hello Sonia x You have an awful lot on your plate sweetheart x coping with all that when you are well & healthy would be daunting x

Your Dad is in the best place and I have no doubt they are doing all they can for him x supporting your Mum in the way you are - despite your pain shows how strong you are - you’ll get through this x

sending lot’s of positive thoughts xxxjenxxxx

Thanks jen, just hope they hurry up an do what they are going to do as i was up in excrutiating pain before 6 this morning and 2 peoples op’s were cancelled yesterday. The longer it goes on the more stress it is causing.

Thank you sonia x

Hi Sonia

You have so much going on at the moment. Stress is not good for (possible) ms.

Its no good telling you to relax as nothing will do that until you know your dad is ok.

Sending you a ((((HUG)))) a nice one and hoping it replaces the horrible one accross your back.

Best wishes to you and your dad.

Teresa. x

Hi Sonia

Stay strong you certainly have a lot going on. If this is MS hug it’s horrible. As Pat said try painkillers - they may take the edge off. I was taking co-codamol for mine. Some people find putting a hot water bottle or applying pressure but this didn’t really help me particularly as I’m heat sensitive anyway. Loose clothing, stretching failing that if it gets very bad I would email your neuro secretary or speak to your GP. Whether it’s MS hug or something else it’s important to get these things documented.

Sending you and your dad positive thoughts.



Thanks all, have had to stop the painkillers atm as my blood has gone super thin due to alot of pills not getting on with warfarin. Not good timing but being checked at the surgery later

sonia x

Sorry things are so bad for you right now Sonia. Terrible amount of stress to deal with.


Pat x