Back in full remission nearly

Hi , I was diagnosed 3 months ago and am pretty much back in remission, I’m back cycling loads which is all great and getting back to work on Monday, however I have been getting these feelings for about 3 weeks now where I feel like a slight surge which only lasts about 4 secs but during this time I can’t really speak or walk right, once it passes I’m back to normal again, they come and go throughout the day, funnily enough when I’m out on the bike they don’t happen, possibly due to raised heart rate or extra adrenalin ? I hoping they pass soon and also go Ito remission but time will tell. Anyone else had these. I’m not on any medication for my MS FYI .

Hi, i used to get these, they would always strike as I was getting off a train and I literally couldn’t move for a few seconds it was a nightmare they seemed to be triggered by stressful situations, I was given some medication from my specialist ( I can’t remember what they were now) and this feeling stopped, stopped the medication after 6 months and the feeling never came back.