Awaiting diagnosis for my 15 year old daughter...

Hi All, I’m new to this forum. I am a mum of five and my eldest daughter, aged 15 is currently undergoing tests for MS. In March this year, she suffered a sudden episode of blurred vision and nerve loss. She was admitted to hospital where tests ruled out a stroke, tumour and autoimmune disorders (I have hypothyroidism and pernicious anaemia). For the past few years Sophie has become for exhausted. We put it down to normal teen stuff, but then she started struggling with her memory. She also suffers regular black outs and dizzy spells, which again, we put down to a history of heavy periods and normal teen stuff. Following her episode in March, she began to suffer awful joint/muscle spasms which she describes as having someone squeezing them tightly. She is also permanently exhausted. Tests showed a recent mild virus, but nothing else. Her Consultant then started to examine the possibility of MS. Last week she had an eye consultation, which didn’t show obvious ON but the doctor said he also wasn’t able to exclude the vision loss (which only lasted a few hours) as a transient ON. He also read through her MRI from last month which showed several white matter lesions but were non-specific. The radiographer advised further MRI’s. I know none of you can say if this is MS, but her symptoms certainly fit. There is a family history of fibromyalgia and ME and my mother is still undergoing regular MRI scans looking for signs of MS. Do any of you have any advice on what we can try whilst we are waiting? We want to remain as upbeat as possible and refuse to let Sophie’s life be governed by this. What can we expect next (we are waiting to see her paediatrician again)? Any advice appreciated. Many thanks, Jayne x

Hello Jayne and welcome This is such a worrying time for you all. It could take a long time to find out exactly what is wrong with your daughter. There is going to be quite a few hospital appointments and tests no doubt. My advice is to keep life as normal as possible for Sophie. Encourage her to eat an healthy balanced diet, fresh air and exercise and socialising with her friends. How is Sophie handling it? Is she upbeat or more anxious? Does she talk to you about how she feels? take care x