Hi all, Hope your all having a good weekend? I’m due to start Avonex on thursday (1st timing injecting) and I’m just looking for some advice really. I’ve read some of the posts of people saying they had bad reactions, does any one recommend Avonex? I picked it because its only once a week but I’m starting to stress about it. Any advice is welcome and Thank you in advance Em x

Hi, I started on Avonex for my first treatment, the reason was the same (once a week) I was a self employed floor layer doing very well. This drug ruined everything!!! It’s very strong and wiped me out for 4-6 days !! I laid in bed aching worse than the flu and I just wanted my limbs to be pulled off! (Horrible I know) but true. I couldn’t work, lost my job and couldn’t pay mortgage so lost my house and now owe 50k lol . Then I went on Rebif (3 a week) avoiding Copaxone who’s is 1 a day, that last a while but still I ached until next injection!. Now I’m on COPAXONE !! Only if I would of bloody started this all them years ago haha I’d be fine now. It may very well work for you but if not get rid of it and ask for Copaxone especially if you work also go to the doctors and ask for Co-Codamol 15/500 for pain :slight_smile: Hope this helps Brett

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hi em, well ive been on the avonex once a week pen, i find fri night best for me as i still work full time, been just over a year now and touch wood no relapse so far, so in my opinion on avonex is it works for me, had a few flu like symtoms to begin with the day after the jab but nothing a couple of paracetomol can sort out! gd luck with it. Tony…

I was on Avonex for about 10 years and it did a good job for the first 8 of them, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it on the basis of my personal experience, for what that’s worth.

My advice would be, inject last thing at night, take a couple of iboprofen and go to bed. Have another couple of iboprofen to take first thing in the morning, whether you think you need them or not. Avonex hangover is much easier to prevent than to cure (although it’s not too bad even if you forget the morning tablets, which I often did, and no harm done really).

I hope that Avonex suits you really well. Good luck.



I was in avonex for 8 years and it kept me relapse free for 7 of those. I would get the flu like symptoms for about a day, so took it before bed so io could sleep it off. I was anxious about allergic reactions of course for the first little bit, but you can have allergic reactions to anything, from avonex, to ibuprofen to strawberries, so while I appreciate people being honest with you about their horrible experiences, you do need to recognise how many people also take it without any problems with good effect. I chose avonex for the same reason… Only once weekly… I have now switched to copaxane though. And I actually find it easier despite my needle phobia! Had all the fears you are having now i had a few weeks back, except it was about copaxane, feeling anxious is unfortunately part of the deal when starting a new treatment, but some kind words from others on the forum, You know who you are… Helped a lot and I took the plunge. I hope you find something that works for you and that you do well on. Take care

I took my 5th avonex shot friday. The first injection gave me the flu symptoms but after that all i get now is a lil headache. Pain killers sort that out for me. I decided on avonex for two reasons its once a week and the way/how its made. I have spoke to many people on avonex who have gone years without a relapse. To me it seems too have been the best choice. I use the pen, put it together pick a spot on the thigh, push the button and count ten seconds.



Thank you all for the messages. I’m just going to see how it goes and know that if I really don’t like it, I can change it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Em x

I’ve been on Avonex since July 12. I picked it because it fitted in with working full-time. I normally do the injection about 8.30, take some paracetamol and off to bed. I have some by the bedside so I can take some when I wake up about 6.30 and then back to sleep for another hour or so. Normally the worst of the flu like symptoms have worn off by lunch time.

Luckily my employers have said I can turn up when I feel up to it, post injection day so that helps loads. To me, it seem the best one of not a particularly good choice, but that’s my thoughts only. Everyone has to make their own decision. But, in my opinion, if there’s even a small chance of preventing a relapse then it’s worth it.