Hi everyone, we all are quite aware of how difficult living with this fatigue is ! Iam recovering from knee replacement surgery , my life at the moment revolves around physio , daily exercise program & my oxygen therapy .This lovely weather sadly is making my fatigue affect my exercising & am exhausted trying to keep up as I know how important to the knee recovery it is . However Iam exasperated of people on asking how Iam when I respond saying ok but very tired from fatigue, they say “ oh yes I’ve tired as well” Aaaarrgghh!!! They have no idea what real body fatigue everyday of your life is ! Am I the only one that this annoys !!!

Nope. It bugs the hell out of us all. Think of your fatigue as being a symptom of ill health. Rather than calling it plain old ‘fatigue’, tell people you feel so ill, the effort needed for your rehab coupled with the heat is making your MS symptoms much worse.

Meanwhile, you have my sympathy. I’m shattered enough and I’m not recovering from surgery.


me too!

just walked 50 yards to the shop and could hardly make it back.

sweat pouring down my chest!