Atos Demo

Im new on here so im not sure if this has been posted somewhere else but, are the M S Society going to be involved in the Demo outside all Atos assessment centres in England on Feb 19 ?

If so how do i get involved other than jus turning up and representing myself

Have the events group any knowledge of this ? any news would be helpful

Hi Sorry - I’m not sure but have you tried to contact the ms society directly? Maybe some others will know - this will bump you back to the top Jane xx

Hi I’ve had a brief look through the campaigns section but can’t see anything. Take a look yourself when you get chance. Let us know if you find anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane & Blosom

Ive not seen anything as yet but will also contact my local ms branch in Salford and enquire

ive had a look on the site but seen nothing i will contact my local branch in salford and see if they know anything

Hi all, Re ATOS demo 19 Feb 2014 (am)

If anyone is still unsure of how to participate, I believe the major Trade Unions will have a presence at (most) ATOS centres so you shouldn’t be alone. If you are local to Bristol, Unite the Union will be at the Brislington site