Assisted Airport Travel

Readers might find the following helpful regarding assisted travel with Air France and Charles de Gaulle Airport. I have not received any response from Air France, but Saphir did apologise. However on my return they still only provided one wheelchair, but another was soon produced after I “blew my top”. Needless to say I will not be travelling with Air France again!

Complaint to Saphir and Air France -

On the 31 December 2016 my wife and I travelled from LHR to CDG on flight AF1181. We were booked for a transfer to JHB on flight AF0990.

Upon arrival at CDG we were met by 1 wheelchair instead of the 2 booked. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and a hip problem and my wife from a hip problem. The guy with the wheelchair set off with me whilst my wife had to walk. After a short distance the guy pushing me tried to summon help which didn’t arrive. He then told us that his shift had finished and he had to go and catch a bus and told us somebody else would come and help us. Another guy turned up , but told us he also had to leave. After waiting some considerable time we realised we were going to miss our connection and struggled to walk from where we had been abandoned.

We arrived at the shuttle train and asked a couple of staff if they could make contact with the departure gate to let them know we were on our way, but they indicated that they couldn’t help (the airport was virtually empty with no staff around prior to that)

Thankfully Melanie Cyriue (?), a member of Air France I think, then appeared and she was wonderful in helping us through security to the gate and in also rushing to the gate whilst we were going through security to ascertain the situation. Fortunately the flight had been delayed otherwise we would have missed it.

Firstly I would be very grateful if Melanie’s management could be made aware of her exceptional service and for her to be complimented on her exceptional service.

Secondly I would appreciate an apology from you for the appalling way we were treated and an assurance that this will be investigated and appropriate action taken to ensure that we don’t suffer the same experience on our return journey and no other passengers are likely to be faced with such appalling treatment in future.