Arrythmia and copaxone

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I have recently been suffering with arrythmia during the night; my pulse misses a beat after every three or four beats. I’ve been on Copaxone for just over a year. I’ve been under a bit of stress recently so that may be a contributory factor. I think this is a relatively uncommon side effect but wondered if anyone had had similar issues? I also seem to be suffering with a bout of optic neuritis (or is it hayfever, hypertension or migraine? Who knows!) Anyone in a similar position?

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Hi, I don’t have any ideas I’m afraid but am due to start copaxone myself in a couple of weeks but for the past month or so I’m aware that my heart beats irregularly and fast at times. A little worried about starting it now as my ms bourse has said that at some point, as a one off I will get a fast heartbeat reaction to it but may not get it for months, I don’t understand?
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I’ve no idea if the missed beats are a result of copaxone but I get them every now and then (I’m on Avonex). I saw the GP and was referred to hospital where they gave me a 24 hour monitor to wear. The monitor showed that yes I was getting quite a few missed beats throughout the day (sometimes 2-3 a minute) but it was nothing to worry about. I can’t remember at what number of missed beats the medics would worry but it was quite a lot .

Best to go to your GP just for a check - as my nurse says, we have to remember that not all unexpected or new symptoms are a result of MS.

Thanks both for the information. It looks like arrhythmia is one of the less common side effects of Copaxone; although I can safely say that mine was triggered through stress (as with most things!)

Orchid, having an irregular heartbeat can sometimes be a result of arterial fibrillation; although I’m no doctor! My mother has suffered with this for years, and still going strong at 83 so hopefully nothing to worry too much about. Copaxone is absolutely fine when you get used to doing the injections and being a bit sore and itchy for a few hours. It has the best side effect profile as far as I’m aware; so worth it for the brief discomfort. Very best of luck with it!

Hank_Dogs absolutely right, MS is a great excuse for almost every symptom. It’s my very best go-to excuse for being fffaarrrr too tired to do housework :slight_smile:

Thanks again and stay safe and healthy x