Are you a member of the MS Society?

I would really appreciate it if you would post saying whether you are a member of the MS Soociety or not.

I joined a couple of months ago because I was interested in being in the research network but I have posted on here for a couple of years without even thinking about being a member and I wondered about other people.

Yes, I’m a member :slight_smile:


I am a member of the MS Society (Wirral branch) for about a month now and its great. I have been getting out a lot more and meeting other people with MS, I have been burying my head in the sand for the past 2 years and that did me no good at all!

I am now helping with the fund raising, going to well being and aquatherapy, its a great tonic better than any drugs lol



I do not know I have been on here for years was very involved at the beginning but not so much now. how do I find out?

Forgive my ignorance, but I assumed being on this site meant I was a member of the MS Society? Is it something separate then?

Please advise.

Emma x

I would not join any society that would have me as a member but I am with the MSS. For a fiver it is a no brainer as that only pays for probably 2 of the rag ‘MS Matters’.

I told them I don’t want it but they still send.


Click on the get involved link…one of the orange tabs along top of web page. Then click on become a member. :slight_smile:

I think - but not positive - that anyone with MS can join the Research Network, and you do not have to be a member of the MSS. I was a MSS member briefly, for the first year after diagnosis, but found the magazine full of wheelchair ads highly depressing, and stopped looking at it after a while. The final straw came when I got a letter explaining that due to some sort of administrative error, some new members (I can’t remember if it was all) had been excluded from voting in the AGM - I was one of them. The letter went on to say that they weren’t going to re-run the vote, because their constitution allowed them not to, even though some valid members had been excluded. I might have rejoined if not for his, but found it quite offputting as a first experience, that you could be denied a vote with no more than an apology. I’m not suggesting for a minute it was deliberate, or part of a strategy - it was obviously human error. However, I did feel it was just not good enough, when someone has paid their subscription like everybody else. As I hadn’t been feeling I’d been getting loads out of it anyway, when the time rolled round to renew, I just didn’t. I don’t know if I ever might consider it again in future - especially if the MS gets worse - but for the moment, I don’t feel any particular urge to. If I were to join anything, I’d probably be more disposed to join the Research Network. That’s if I’m right in supposing you don’t need to join one to join je other. Tina

Now I can’t remember whether I had to join to be part of the Research Network or I just thought I had to. Probably just thought I had to - can you let me know if you find out Tina?

I’ve had M.S for over twenty years but I’ve only just signed up to this website so I decided to Join the society as well. Have to give it a go and see what it’s all about. Jan


yes have been a member for 9 yrs.

well worth the £5 as G says.


Here’s the page about the Research Network, Sewingchick. I can’t find anywhere it says you have to be a member of the MSS too. Tina x

I am happy to use the MS Society facilities, so it seems only reasonable to pay a token Lady Godiva (more if you wish) for membership.

Yes I am, I joined a little while after finding this site in 2006 i think. Am not much involved with my local branch though. I sometimes feel I should make the effort but none of their events appeal to me much.

I was a member for many years and let the membership lapse a couple of years ago as I got fed up with all the c**p comming through the letter box!

Now I just make a donation of a multiple of the fee every year on my birhday!
That way we both win, MSS get the money and they save the cost of the magazine and I get the peace of mind of no c**p through the letter box!

Everybody happy!


i’m a member and go to their summer meal and christmas meal because i have a few friends who attend these.

anything for a free lunch eh?

carole x

I am a member - I get the magazine and I get a newletter from my local branch but I have not yet been to any of their events. The interesting ones are either during the day while I’m at work, or they clash with other things.

Yes,member of UK and local Belfast branch…they provide excellent support in many ways

yes I’m a member and get the magazine but I don’t go to branch meetings – put off by those who DIDN’T have m.s. wanting to run things!

yes, I know they work hard are well meaning etc but I found them a tad patronising –

Yes, I just renewed my membership a few minutes ago.
Had to do it by phone, as the online system is “undergoing maintenance”.
Of course, the paper reminder has my branch affiliation down as a branch that went into suspension 12 months ago