Hi everyone, When you apply for a job,do you have to disclose you have ms. Thanks



No you don,t have too. But if you get the job you may need time off for appointments and things, which may be better letting them know adventurly. But you don’t have too.

Anyway goodluck with you job search!!!


Hi anon, As others have said, you are not required by law to disclose at application stage, my understanding is that it is also illegal for any company to ask you at application stage if you consider yourself to have a disability. Hope that makes sense… L

i dont tell people, id hate it if people i worked with knew about it and treated me differently. Think the HR department is the only one you should tell, then you cant get unfair dismissal, plus theyre not allowd to repeat your little “details” to anyone

Good luck with the job :slight_smile:

Hi anon There are exemptions under the equality act 2010, whereby you MUST disclose your disability if it could pose a risk to the health and safety of yourself or colleagues. I would also venture to suggest that if you are in the situation of needing “reasonable adjustments” to enable you to fulfill your duties of employment, it would be wise to advise your potential employer prior to securing employment with them. The reason I always advise this, is because when commencing employment, companies will specify a length of probationary period during which, should your level of performance not meet expectations, say for example due to sick leave and your employer has not been notified of your disability, they can and do find “spurious” reasons to “let you go”. Hope this helps.