Anyone working for yourself?

Hi folks,

Im 26 and ive just been diagnosed with CIS with a 70% chance of it becoming MS within 10 years…
After my worse episode of being ill back in Feb I was given an MRI which found singlular sclerosis.

I have recovered (almost) from the worse symtoms - numbess/heavy right side of body - extream fatigue and pins and needle pains but im still struglling with constant fatigue, generaly just feeling weak and migraines every week.

Im currently working 3 days a week but well…I just feel like im dragging myself along, all my energy goes on those day at work (they are from 8.30-6.30 on my feet) then the rest of the time im like a zombie! Im worried that I need to prepare for the future incase I cant keep working, especially if I do have another episode.

I desperatly want to work for myself from home and be able to pace my time, Im a self taught graphic designer plus I upcycle furniture, make cards, paint, and would really love to get into interior design but the problem - I cant afford to quit work and I dont have the energy to do both! Ive set up shops on sites like Folksy and a facebook page plus my own website but thats as far as I can get. and now im stuck :frowning:

Has anyone else had a similar experiance? any sucess stoires? Any advice on where I can go for help?

Not sure of the age eligibility but Princes Trust ?

you have to be working less than 16 hous a week… i do 22 :frowning:

LinkedIn ?

Hi sounds very interesting work.

I`ll google you.

luv Pollx

Hi Lollipop,

I am kind of woorking from home. I am a software engineer and I have been out of work for over two years. I am a contractor. After my last contract I took time out to upgrade my skillset. It was very out of date. Unfortunately at the beginning of last year I became very ill. I ahad about fifteen symptoms. As part of upgarding my skillset I have written the web app, I have pretty much finished it but I am still making amendments. The thing that I have found is that it is incredibly hard to get people to use your site. I am sure that you have found this.

I’m not sure what advice I could give you but I think that it is very hard to do anything on your own. I think that I am going to start looking for work at the beginning of next year. I know that I will find it very difficult but I need the money. I am going to have a stab at doing a mobile app too.

In terms of your illness; I would try supplements. They have helped me enormously. Especially vit B12 1000mg. In addition, I take vit d3 5000iu, Magnesium Citrate 250 mg, Omega3 1g, probiotic acidophilus 3 billion. I am not on anything as yet and I feel pretty good.

Hope that this helps.


whats that??? :-s

and Boudica my site is I really need to get to work listing my stuff only my heads bad today :frowning:
ive also got a joint site with my sister in law which im hoping to get my upcycled furniture listed on.
Ive got all these ideas but dont know what to do with them to make them work! I need a manager lol

wow creating an app?! I woulndt have a clue on anything like that… dont give up on it though!

The same as Adrian has replied . A high dose vitd3/vitb12/magnesium/omega3/probiotics. lf you google vitamin d3 deficency MS and also vitamin b12 deficiency MS [this is the one for fatgue/tiredness] l take 10.000ius vitd3 as my levels are still low. And l also take LDN - last 6yrs - and l find it gives me more energy - no brain fog and a much more positive outlook.

You sound a very interesting person - all the things you do. So l do hope you can keep up with it all. Poll and l love anything arty-crafty.

Hope somebody comes forward who knows about what benefits and help you are entitled to. There is a good website called benefitsandwork. and


I work in a pharmacy so I have been taking supplements for years but I have upped my dose of vit D and B to see if it helps with energy levels. Plus I find natural St Johns Wort helps when Im having a down month…

Il have a look at those sites… sometimes (again when im on a down month) I think if I just quit work id be better off…id apply for benifits then be able to go on courses and apply for help starting up a business… Its so fustrating! I really want to work but im too ill to go full time ( I lost my last job due to having too much sick leave) or study and not ill enough to get help!
Sorry…rant over…

btw whats that?? :S

ive set up shops on folksy - lollipop creations uk and got a website but I just cant seem to make it pay…
I need a manager lol!!

Dont give up on that app! that sounds really clever!

It’s some kind of business networking / contact / getting your name known, site. MrH swears by it !! But as a techno phobe I have no clues other than that !!

[quote=“MrsH”] It’s some kind of business networking / contact / getting your name known, site. MrH swears by it !! But as a techno phobe I have no clues other than that !! [/quote] LinkedIn - ‘Facebook for grown-ups’ is how I have heard it described. I have also heard it described as a very good way of passing work time in a borderline legitimate way when a person really ought to be getting on with a disagreeable but hard-to-get-started-on task. :slight_smile: Alison

Aha…haha…that explains…I shall be having words when he gets home, from so-called work, complaining about how hard his day has been !! Thanks Alison !!!

My symptoms started when I was working for an employer. Was put on sick for 6 months before being let go. Between then and now. I set up a photography business, and touch wood things are going well. The downsides for me is that when work’s busy, I get wiped out, and that you can’t necessarily expect customers to wait an extra few days for products because you’re poorly. Some people don’t allow for that. is me

Nice website. Did you do that?

sorry some of my replies seem to be duplicated… i posted some of them only to find an hour later they hadnt appeared on the thread so I reposted and now ive come back they have all appeared!!!

MrsChicca how did you get started? do you have any grants or help?
I do really enjoy my job (other than my boos being evil) plus ive just completed all my pharmacy qualification so Id be really dissapointed if I have to leave… I am hoping to reduce my hours over the next few months and hopefully that will tip the balance back in my favour. I think alot of the problem is not so much the job but more the pressure of not being alowed to be off sick! plus the early mornings I find a real struggle as I dont sleep very well.

Ill have a nosey at linkedin then…

nice site btw :slight_smile: