Anyone in touch with Don from Margate?

Hi all,

I was a friend of Don’s on here and then we followed each other on Twitter. I left Twitter a few weeks ago and sadly didn’t give Don another way to contact me.

If anyone has a contact for him can you PM me and I’ll PM you my email address… that way you’re not giving his details to anyone… but you could give my details to him.

Can’t remember his user name either… anyone remember it?

And while I’m on here, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and happy New Year.

Love and prayers,

Pat xxx

I just found an old PM of his… user name is Hoppity. Does he ever come on here? Thanks… Pat x

Hi Pat , yes Don still comes on here I don’t think hes on as often as used to be as , I hope you are okay . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Doing well thanks Michelle. Merry Christmas to you and Frazer from me and Dickie! And thanks… xxx

Hi Pat

Haven’t seen Don as much lately as he used to be, hope all is well for him and his wife.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New year.

Pam x

Aww Thanks Pat , I’m glad to hear that you and Dickie are doing well. I’m one of Jehovahs Witnesses so I don’t celebrate Christmas but we often see our family and just have a relaxing time . Take care of you and Dickie and your lovely brother. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi folks hope everyone is well? Pat has been missing in action on Twitter if anyone speaks to her my Twitter name is @ Promote_Thanet


Hi Don, I’ve closed my Twitter account which is why I can’t contact you through Twitter! I’ll PM you my email address. You are like the ‘Elusive Don from Margate’… impossible t contact! lol…