Anyone in N.Ireland?

Hi everyone. Just recently DX and was wondering if there is anything to sign up to or groups etc to go to here.

I would love to go to something if there is just to be able to chat and even maybe let my husband meet other spouses of MS.

I just don’t know what is available for us, if anything.

Thanks in advance.

Lindsay x

Hello Lindsay and welcome,

I’m afraid I live in England but if you look on the MS homepage they have got loads of info there that would be of a help for you. You could also ask your gp & MS nurse and they would be able to tell you if there are any groups near where you live.

There is a lot to help and you are always welcome to chat on here.

Janet x

Hi Lindsay,

I’m from N.Ireland my local MS branch is the foyle branch in L/Derry in live near Strabane in Co,Tyrone we have physio groups and yoga groups twice a week we also have a get together the 1st Thursday evening of every month I’ve got to know and meet a few others from different parts of N.Ireland I go to the Royal in Belfast every 4 weeks for my Tysabri.

If you want to ask more just PM me

Mark x

Thank you both for repying.

I have had a look and think there is a center in Newry which would be close to me. I just feel I would like to meet others and get a chance to chat and see what all is on offer round here.

Hi to anyone and everyone,

I’ve just found this website and trying to work out how to use this discussion forum. So far my 10year old has worked most of it out. I think facebook is a doddle compared to this,lol. I am just going to post this now and see what happens!!!x