Anyone going to Staying Well with MS?

Hi, whilst I wait for results from my 2nd LP 7 weeks ago and have new symptoms, I was wondering if anyone is going to the Staying Well with MS event next Saturday in North London (Holiday Inn London-Elstree M25). I have registered and will be dragging my husband along, but can’t find it on the website and don’t know what happens!

The new symptoms seem to have started after the LP, my first LP was good in terms of how I was afterwards but this one wasn’t, I was discharged without having a lie down into the heat of London and had to travel back on the tube and train. I went to A&E after a few days as I felt so rough, but I was ok. Now that experience seems to have contributed to new pains in my legs, sciatica like pains? So my feet and lower legs are numb and my upper legs feel a different type of pain. Please give me a diagnosis and then I can get on with life!!

Happy Sunday!


the ms event will be excellent - i went to one in manchester.

there are so many different talks going on at different parts of the arena that you need to see a programme.

(a bit like glastonbury!)

make notes of the new symptoms so that when you next see your neuro you can share them with him or her.

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