Anyone from Leeds?

Yes i do know what you mean, last year i added a year on when it was my birthday, i was convinced that was my age.

I think your right about stress making things worse and relationships do seem to cause some of the worse kinds of stress.

This site has really helped me even if it turns out not to be ms, i find it difficult to tell family or friends about my symptoms, they are not easy to understand and sound so odd sometimes. Even those close to me now i just say im ok, its too exhausting to go into detail with them. Do you have any support around you?

Sorry I never replied Christine, I couldn’t remember my username or password. How did you get on at your appointment?


Finally got a diagnosis of PPMS. It was a very strange day i was thinking that he would probably say they didnt have enough evidence or that i needed more tests.But no, he showed me the lesions on the scans and then gave the dx to me.He is going to refer me back to my local hospital so see the ms niurse.

What is is/was your appointment?

How are you feeling about it? I’m guessing in some sense it’s a relief to finally have a reason for your symptoms and you can now discuss treatment options.

Mine was cancelled which was very frustrating but I’ve finally got some answered from the receptionist at my GP surgery. She said it says nothing abnormal was found. Obviously a relief but means I’m now no wiser to what’s causing these problems. I’ve just received a new appointment with the neurologist for Monday but I’m not sure if there’s anything more she can do since the MRI was clear.

Yes it is a relief knowing what all these odd symptoms mean.

When i had my mris done at the local hospital i was told there was nothing significant found. Dr. Lily disagreed with these findings and requested i had another spinal mri which was alot clearer.

Im not saying that this is the case for you its just a thought.Do you know who read your mri? Also if its not ms then what is it/? know what you mean about maybe not going to the appointment but if you are still having symptoms maybe its worth going to investigate further.Did they do a spinal mri?

I’m not sure who read my MRI, it got misplaced for a long time as the receptionist at the gp had messed up but once she found it she just said it just said nothing abnormal was found.

They did a full MRI of my brain and the whole spine and it’s been about 8 years since the first episode of loosing the use of my arm so surely something would show up on an MRI by now if it was MS? It’s mainly the pins and needles that bother me now as that is everyday. I’ve been taking vitamin supplements incase it’s something as simple as that.

I am under Dr Lily after shock diagnosis…I am “old” for this 67!!! Thought I had a trapped ulnar nerve and the journey has shocked me as this was a diagnosis out of the blue!!! Active all my life and take no meds…doctor gave me pregabalin and feel spaced out and woozy all day…Have so many questions and don’t know where to start!!! Live in Leeds and would like to meet up and chat with fellow sufferers…don’t know what path to take and want to ask so many question…ow long will this relapse last???