Any with family history of MS?

In the past 6 months I’ve had a change in neurological symptoms starting with generalized tingling that went to tremors that has progressed to spasticity. MRI was negative 3 months ago. My mother had MS and my father had ALS so I have a strong history of neurological like disorders which is of concern to me. My questions are what were your first symptoms? How long for diagnosis after a normal MRI? And does anyone have a family history?

my mum’s sister, my auntie muriel had ms in the 1960’s. there wasn’t much in the way of treatment.

she went rapidly downhill and died 13 years in.

i’m grateful for the DMDs of today.

they keep me hanging on!


The fact of family history with MS does mean you have a slightly greater chance of having it, see Risk of developing MS | MS Trust but it’s by no means likely even. A parent with MS gives you about a 1 in 67 chance of getting MS.

Having had a clear MRI 3 months ago means you don’t have MS now. It doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in the future.

ALS is different altogether, another neurological disorder, but different, I don’t think an MRI would pick it up.

I assume you are still seeing a neurologist even with a negative MRI? You should probably keep seeing one if you continue to have symptoms.

Sue (I’m the first and hopefully the only one of my family with MS, although autoimmune disorders all over the place.)

My mother, younger brother and I all have MS with the diagnosis of ‘probability of MS or Demylinization’ Doctors are very reluctant to make a firm diagnosis on MS.(or were over 20 years ago) We were not all with the same health service area at the times of diagnosis. One of my cousins from my mother’s side of family has also been diagnosed with MS. She also lives in a different area from any of us. I also suspect that one brother and one sister of my mother may also have it, they are both around 80 year old and don’t talk about “these things”

I have not been back since I got my negative report, My neuro said to come back if any changes. My muscle spasm have since become painful and I’m having involuntary movement in my toes and fingers as well as some dizziness. I’m in the medical field and I guess gun shy about going to MD for everything. I hate the stress of no certain answers even though I know that’s the process with diagnosis MS.

To be honest BpopeRN

​It sounds as though you are hypersensitive to any suggestion that you could have a neurological disease of some kind. And given your family history, that’s hardly surprising. Rubbish genes from both parents would make anyone worry.

As you’ve said the neuro said to come back if it gets worse, and it’s got worse, I would think going back to the neuro would be a good idea.

Since you’ve had a negative MRI a few months ago, it’s not likely that it will have changed, but you won’t know until you check. Equally, you said on your other post that although you had an enlarged optic nerve, you had no signs of ON. And your symptoms don’t sound like ALS/MND, which must be a relief.

It does seem like at the present time, you’re not going to relax until you’ve heard the words again ‘it’s not demyelinating, therefore it’s not MS’.

I know that doesn’t mean you’re ever going to fully relax given your parents diseases. But maybe just for a while?