Any tips for getting over a relapse that don't involve steroids?!

Hi all

I’m currently off work and having what feels like a small relapse/blip. I think it’s been caused by stress so not necessarily a “true” relapse. Been having more pain and stiffness in my legs which in turn has made my fatigue worse (you all know where I’m coming from!).

I saw my MS nurse last week and she offered me oral steroids if I wanted them. After hearing of the side effects both from the nurse and doing a bit of reading on here I’m really not keen. I don’t think the relapse is that severe to risk the side effects.

As it’s only a minor relapse is there anything productive I can do to give me a bit of spark back? Any changes in diet or maybe small amounts of exercise? Anything at all I’ll give it a try!


To be honest, what sorts out a relapse is time. Steroids may shorten the length of time it takes to get over a relapse, but other than that there’s not an awful lot you can do. Otherwise, obviously there are drugs that help with fatigue (amantadine and modafinil), and drugs to help with stiffness (baclofen is the most common). You could get a prescription for any of these but the anti-fatigue drugs take some getting used to so wouldn’t be too much help in the short term. Apart from this, get enough rest and exercise is always a good idea, depending on what you can do without increasing fatigue. See if you can reduce the stress, that might help all on its own.

Hopefully it’ll get better quickly.



The best advice I can give is rest, rest, rest and try and keep as cool as possible. I find that keeping cool helps a lot. And, keep away from stress.

Take care and hope you feel a bit better soon.

Shazzie xx

Sorry, but Dr Time is the only thing for it. Like you, I tend not to reach for the steroids unless a relapse is really unpleasant or disabling - I’m a bit superstitious about wanting the keep the big guns in reserve for the real emergency that I hope isn’t going to arrive!

But this does mean that I have sometimes left it longer than I should. It is easy to see this looking back, but of course it is another matter when one is in the thick of it, isn’t it?

Suggestions? Some gentle stretching exercises every day to keep your muscles happy, a bit of fresh air when you can manage it, good nutritious food and plenty of sleep.

Good luck.


People have varying responses to steroids.

I have had Oral and IV - would not want Oral again (the taste is foul) but you do need an Omeprazole tablet every day (and one day after) with IV, to avoid stomach pain. With Oral you could be taking Omeprazole for two weeks .

If you can get by with rest - then rest.
If you need to be signed off work, then get you MS Nurse to fax or e-mail your GP.


Thanks for the replies folks. All very sensible suggestions and, I suppose, what I knew all along! Catching up on some TV series and some reading sounds like a good idea. If I’m feeling particularly enthusiastic one day I might have a long overdue trip to the local pool :slight_smile: x

I had a facial palsy relapse triggered by an infection and I had dizziness also. I tried to not get stressed, stayed in bed rested and slept a lot, relaxed, went for short gentle walks, was kind to myself, eat well, took antiviral tablets for a week. I recovered about 95% after three weeks no steroids taken. Recovered 100% by four weeks. xx