Any one recommend a good Nuero Dr in Bristol

Just wondering if anyone from my area can recommend a good neurologist, as I have seen the same one twice now who has palmed me off and not been at all good in my books, not that I have a book on them. Have many symptoms but without diagnosis, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my GP the Nuero has said there is nothing wrong with me Any advice appreciated Nick

Sounds very much like the neuro I saw first time. I’m in Bristol too. Who did you see?

“Good” does not necessarily mean they’ll be able to diagnose where others couldn’t. The most common reason for failure to diagnose is the tests didn’t come up with enough - or possibly any - evidence, if you’re being told there’s nothing wrong. I saw Dr. Cottrell - first on BUPA, later at Frenchay. I felt he was onto what it was straight away - probably the first time he met me - but it did take a lot of tests and a few months of watching and waiting to finally confirm. But then the MRI evidence, in particular, was fairly compelling. I guess if nothing had shown on MRI, his hands would have been tied, as what he suspected would have been irrelevant if he couldn’t prove it. I don’t expect you to name on forum which neuro you’ve already seen. It probably wouldn’t be very fair if he’s not here to respond. I feel safe about naming mine, as I’m not saying anything critical. Tina

I had a clear MRI two years ago, but since the things have got progressively worse, so went back in March this year. He said that I was being paranoid and referred back to my MRI saying it was clear (two years ago) Now when I go to GP he refers to the Nuero notes so will not refer again, going round in circles Funny enough Dr Cottrell was someone I saw 6 or 7 years ago for something else, he was very good

Ah, glad it’s not the same bloke.

If you got on OK the last time, I’d suggest Dr. Cottrell again, then. He is an MS specialist, but also has an interest in headaches, which might explain why you’ve seen him in the past for something different.

My only criticism is he can be a little bit quick to dismiss symptoms that aren’t “textbook” MS - I keep being told my aches and pains aren’t caused by that, even though I’m a diagnosed person, and no other test has ever shown up anything abnormal (complete rheumatology screening - twice!)

I think there are plenty of examples here of people who do have musculo-skeletal pain from MS, so I don’t think it’s that unusual or inexplicable, yet I keep being told it’s nothing to do with it, and it doesn’t even appear in my notes that I’m having any pain!

So, a bit frustrating there…

But as far as diagnosis went, no issues with that. The first person I’d seen who seemed to talk convincingly, and not fob me off with stupid reasons, like it’s all down to inappropriate footwear, or I’ve got one leg longer than the other! Can you think of any more stupid and clueless excuses, when the person actually has a serious undiagnosed illness? I’d never warn silly shoes!



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