Nuero review last Saturday


I had my nuero review last Saturday, my MRI scan was clear and he forwarded me a letter confirming this a few weeks ago, so was not sure why I was seeing him again. I was supposed to have the evoked potential tests but assumed he had cancelled these due to clear MRI, he had already sent a letter to my doctor to confirm that he would only request a LP if he could see something on MRI. At the beginning of last week I was preparing to speak to OH about phased return, even though I do not feel ready to be thrown into the arena of sale targets and pressure.

Our conversation started by him saying there is no MS and he seemed to wait for my response, but I am fine with this, I know something is wrong and I have had to accepted it may never come to light. He talked about complicated migraines, gave me a quick examination and said that a ‘clear MRI does not prove there is no MS, so I will chase for the evoked potential test and book you in for the LP’. He is doing this because my Nueroligical conditions are progressive and have been since 2006. I am grateful he is taking an interest.

I did not mention to him that last week I was admitted to hospital with a Lower chest infection and slight pluresa in my left lung so it is near impossible to sleep. So it looks like i will be staying off work for longer, which does make me feel guilty and frought with worry. And my Manager has only rang me once this year. So this is making me think they do not really want me back.

Nuerological symptoms and causes can cause so many dilemma’s, I think I will look for a cheap holiday!


It sounds like the neuro is being thorough which is excellent - as he says, a clear MRI does not rule out MS, so the other tests are important.

Sorry to hear about your infection :frowning: It is probably wise to let your neuro know about it. It is probably unrelated, but best to let him decide.

Re work: perhaps your manager is trying to be understanding and not pester you? Maybe you should give him/her a ring to give them an update and to find out what’s going on at work - it will show to them that you are still interested at least.

I hope the chest infection clears very soon.

Karen x

thanks Karen for your reply. My Manager is a mobile area Manager and can only be contacted via his mobile. I leave him updates each month along with a picture of my sicknote but he never picks up the calls, so unless he rings me back I am unable to speak to him. Yes the positive side is he is being understanding and not pestering me, and thats what I tell myself.