Any advice I'm newly diagnosed

Hi finding it hard to accept I have m.s…
Had this since October last year…now I have a walking stick.lost my job earlier with this.really frustrating because I can’t do the things I used to do.any advice with coping with the symptoms because the medication is not working.?

Wolfing - sorry to hear your finding things a bit s## ty. It’s not easy at times. I had to give up my job as a Nurse and in May I stepped down as a City Councillor. I was diagnosed in 96 so after every relapse I took time to consider what was happening then arranged my life a bit differently - that made me feel in control again. I had been referred for Counselling by my GP because there is a level of grief that needs to be gone through and ‘getting to know’ yourself again. So, my life has changed, it different to what I had planned but I’m in control of it - I won’t die at 58 and wait for cremation at 70! I won’t give up. I listen to a song ‘New Emotion’, Kelly Wilde - it’s my mantra, it’s fast, ballsy and makes me go when I don’t want to.:four_leaf_clover:

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Hi Charlie wolfie here again.legs are getting worse so bought a mobility scooter to get and such.still banging in to the walls.falling over but can’t help that unless I have my .still early days on this thing but trying my best to keep a normal life.i do know I will never recover to how I was before.
Anyway pal keep safe

Allow yourself time to grieve, and then start focusing on what you CAN do. It’s frustrating and sad at times, but I’ve found I do best when I can look for the positives. Some days I pat myself on the back just for being able to get dressed and brush my hair!

I had this since October last year.lumpar puncture in spine that hurt really banging into the walls as my legs keep buckling under the pressure of trying to keep my balance.
But it is nice to hear from others bout how to keep my sanity with all this.angry with life as it is.cant do the things I used to before.bug hey