Another relapse?

Hi everyone, hope everyone is as well as can be expected. Well, daughter finished drugs for shingles yesterday and is really affected with dizziness. Put this down to drugs as that is one of the side effects. Last 2 days or so she has a tightening in her jaw on the one side and feels as though teeth being shoved together, tongue feels funny on one side and eye is blurry on the same side. Balance is affected, again put this down to drugs for shingles as she is so dizzy. But with other things now wondering could she be having another relapse? Heard from hospital today, she has MRI on Monday so don’t know whether to wait to get results for that or contact MS nurse. Also, although glad she is having an MRI to find out how active her MS is and what if any changes since last one I am feeling very nervous of results. Part of me is hoping no changes so that maybe means the MS is not getting worse and parts of me dread that as that means things are this bad at the start of the disease. The other part is worrying that it shows more or more active lesions meaning the disease is progressing and she is going to be left with some form of disability if she ever enters the relapsing part of the disease. I feel so teary and low for her and know she is worrying about having to make a decision regarding the next step in her treatment. I don’t know how to cope. Lx

Hi Shingles is such a horrible thing to have when you are a healthy person and really takes it toll. We can’t definitely say that it isn’t another relapse but when you have another illness to can cause a pseudo relapse and symptoms do appear. Let’s hope it is this for R. It is difficult to know what would be the best for the results of an mri. I have an ophthalmology appointment on Thursday. I am not looking forward to it to be honest as my vision is affected I have had so many of these appointments and been told my eyes are really healthy, still doesn’t reassure me when I go completely blind in one eye for several hours. It wasy eyes that started me on the path to my diagnosis. Sending you hugs Barney

Shingles is a really awful illness as it gets into the nerves which is what causes the pain so it is bound to upset the nervous system if you already have a chronic condition there. Your daughter needs to rest as much as possible and I would perhaps ring the MS nurse to see if there is anything else you can do.

Please try to stay calm about the MRI; I know it’s hard but however much you worry it isn’t going to change things and all you can do is deal with whatever happens after she has had it. You are a strong family and you have coped with so much already. I will keep my fingers crossed for your daughter that it isn’t too bad but if she needs stronger medication then that may well be the best course to prevent future disability for her.

I really hope she turns a corner soon. She has had a really raw deal and I hope the neuro gets things sorted soon. I know it all seems scary but the neuro does know best

Tracey xx

Hi guys, thanks for hugs, kind thoughts and words guys. Jennifer, my mind keeps going to brain tumour. I know this is very unlikely as she has had an MRI a few month ago with no mention of one but I keep thinking what if its developed in the last few months and that is why she is getting worse now. I am trying to stay calm about MRI, on the surface anyway. My stomach is in turmoil, my head hurts and not sleeping properly with trying to keep it in. L x