Another MRI six months after the last one?


Does anybody know why I might have been asked in for another MRI so soon after the last one? I kind of thought maybe they’d lost the last one, then promptly began fretting that it’s because they’d seen new lesions last time round.

None of the medical team has said anything but it’s a bit of an anxiety.

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I’ve been told ill have 1 or 2 mri scans a year to see the progression and to see how well the meds are working


Thanks for your reply - good luck with the treatment.

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I agree with Live4. If you’re currently on meds, this is just a tool for them to see how well they’re working. If there ARE new lesions, then perhaps your drug needs to be changed. If you’re not on anything right now, they may want to see if you should be. I would be more concerned if they weren’t scheduling regular MRI’s.


Hello. Not on any meds at the moment, but hopefully (?) what you say is right.

Thanks for your reply

I just want to add that even if there are new lesions, while it’s not something we want, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see a difference in your symptoms. My MRI’s have been all over the place and never seem to line up with what I’m feeling.

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