Just worried

This is probably nothing. I had a relapse earlier this year. About a month ago I had a mri. Yesterday I saw my neurologist and he told me everything is going well, no major new lesions . The residual effects from my flare are minimal.
Then today I get I phone call to go for another mri.
Just looking for reassurance. I’m such a worrier.

Given all the medical screw-ups due to Covid, I’d call the neuro and see if this is a mistake. If not, ask pointblank why he wants you to have another so soon.

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I asked why when they called. Just said they need a bit more information.
Probably nothing for me to worry about

Is it possible that this new one will involve contrast? Perhaps he just wants to double-check what he did or didn’t see on the last one. As long as you’re still feeling okay, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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One thought: have you checked if the scan is exploring further?

I think it depends on the hospital, but it is not standard practise to scan the whole brain and spine every time.

The other aspect is if they want a scan with and without contrast. You would know if they were doing this as they take you out of the scanner half way through and give you an injection. I think this may be going out of fashion.

As I know I have had lessons in both the brain and spine I take an earlier appointment letter to show this. This was prompted by my receiving two letters which I thought we’re identical but were actually slightly different. Any extra time in the scanner is insignificant compared to my travel to the hospital and the pre scan checks.

The scan is actually relaxing compared to the travel!

Does help if things are explained. If they don’t find something in one place they may want to extend the search.