another form anyone? or does it vary?

I got diagnosed in January after nearly six months of hell, waiting to find out what was wrong with me.I’m just starting to come to terms with this MS with the help of a great counsellor.Life has been one long form filling exercise since then. Continually expected to fill forms to prove that there is anything wrong with me at all in the first place! I am mentally exhausted and stressed to death with all these forms. Despite the fact I am totally incapacitated twice a year with severe neck pain and shooting pain down my right arm.The dla people have completed ignored everything I’ve said and gone with , it seems, an out of date medical back in January when I was in remission.Since then (after several urinary and chest infections) I’ve been left with some serious balance and dizzyness problems that haven’t gone away.I found the thoughts on ‘at varies’ very interesting as I was caught out here aswell I think.I noted the ms society critisism of the point in the new pip assesment.As far as I’m concerned as it sounds like the new assessment hasn’t taken in to account us people with ‘variable’ symptoms and it’s still not being taken in to account… I’m going put what my worst day is like which is what my ms nurse said to do anyway.I’m sick of feeling like I’m on trial here.I didn’t ask for this- I want my health back.I am really resenting this government now for it’s very unfair treatment of ms sufferers.It’s an insult, totally unsympathetic and very upsetting.This is so stressful and adding to the trauma.I am sure that’s how this Tory government want us to feel so we’ll just give up and not bother.Thanks to some strategic planting of some shocking highlighted cases in the media, geniune cases are getting very unfair treatment.I’m off now for a good cry thanks for listening if anyone sees this ;-((((((((( -end rant-

Hi lou, I understand how traumatic waiting for a diagnosis can be. I was tested and in and out of diagnosis for 14 years!

yes, there is a lot of form filling and now with the changes to incapacity and dla, there`ll be even more.

Genuine claimants are put through some very unfair hoops, whilst the ones who get away with cheating the system, seem to make the media and Joe Public tar us all with the same brush.

They should try a day in our shoes, eh?

luv Pollx