Another day with Multiple Sclerosis

HEATHER had to go out and minutes after she had gone I get company in the form of the district nurse

Just another day



Hello Don, A good blog as usual. Did they forget to tell you that they were coming? At least its done now, but its a shame that she didn’t make you a coffee and give you some chocolate biscuits.

Michelle x


Glad it went well, apart from the coffee Don, at least having both done at the same time gets it over and done with in one go.

Cloudy here today and so cold, but the ducks don’t seem to mind, in fact, they have both had a wash and brush up in their water hubby puts out for them.

Made me shiver…and I was watching them from the lounge!

Always enjoy your blog, thanks…

Pam x

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Thanks folks I love writing the blog it gets me through the day I have four blogs two are very spasmodic. I love Twitter it’s fun.

Nite folks XXX Don