Curious about what people make of this test given the recent posts about the limitations of standard eye charts in detecting some kinds of visual defect and the general problem of subjectivity around describing blurry vision. For myself I cannot see the top left grid corner with just my right eye when focussing on the white dot which equates with results from a visual field test I had when tested for glaucoma. With left eye I have also note some lines are wavy and some areas slightly faded and sometimes double or triple grid lines closely superimposed. Perhaps there should be somewhere on the site to conduct/log experiments/surveys of this sort. Should view from the distance you would normally hold something to read, say 14 inches.

Very interesting - thanks.

Karen x

interesting the red square all look curvy and shaking

Do you have optic neuritis Lally?

Hey ive used this too…find it helpful to check my sight in each eye…but yes I get the middle lines near the centre dot are curving…and in the left eye…the lines are double ones…and not uniform…not sure what thats abaout…lol x

I dont know if Ive got optic neurtis but even the 4th picture the black spot seems to grow,very strange

What about you Scoobie. Were you advised to use it, have you had ON?

Hi…no was not advsed to use it…but have been.I have ON at present…its easier than trying to look at onther tetx to see how my sight is…ot sure how long you are supposed to look at the grid for? lol x

I dont think you need to look for long at all; I think the discrepancies should be there more or less from the start, unless they are due to fatigue or a stimulation/saturation effect.

i take this test regulary at huddersfield and i have internuclear othalmopgiea and get optic neuritis and i can’t see a thing up or down and the sides, Yes blind as a bat LOL no i cope just bump or to i tend to know were everything is just.


So what exactly do you see on this grid then, just the middle?