Has anybody been on ampira for walking, did it help?


The medication you’re enquiring about has been referred to as “FAMPYRA” (product name - made by “Biogen”) on here in one or two threads (…medication based on something called “Fampridine”).

There have been mixed reviews, some finding it mildly effective and some reporting no benefit at all !!

(My own Neuro put me off this product, citing potential side-effects outweighing any benefit to me.)

Please feel free to search the forum for more comments, but it’s certainly something to discuss with your Neuro if it mat be helpful?

(I use a device referred to as FES - Functional Electrical Stimulation - to help with walking, but I was hoping to swap electrical leads & electrodes for a medication …keeping my fingers crossed that something suitable will turn up eventually )

Good luck!