Sorry I know theres been posts about this lately but my GP has prescribed 25mg daily to help with my balance. Does anyone else take for this reason and does it help? Im PPMS and not really one for prescription drugs but if it helps…



Hi Steve,

I was prescribed it for nerve pain, Ive not heard it for balance problems. I do know it helps calm the nervous system down, thus your gp probably thinks doing that may help with your balance?

I was on 75mg, came off it after 5 years, then started again a year ago and now on 20mg. You may find at first that your very sleepy. If that happens try half the dose then build up over a period of weeks.

take care,


Thanks Bren

Hiya Steve

Nope never used it for balance problems but I did have a dabble last year with it for neuropathic pain. Oh and it also caused my legs to go more wobbly for about 2 weeks at the beginning. I was only on a baby 10mg dose a day. Unfortunately, it turned me into a bit of a zombie. From the posts on here over the last few years it seems that it agrees more with the girls but us lads seem better with Pregabalin - again for pain.

It’s the old ‘suck and see’ process with us lot. I can only suggest that you take it very early evening 7 to 8pm at the latest as can knock you out the next morning.

Good luck and take care,


Hi Steve,

I too have not heard it being used for balance problems. In low doses it is used to releive pain or, as in my case, help with sleep. I’m on 10mg which I take around 8:30-9pm. It is not a sleeping pill but it does tend to help you stay asleep once you have dropped off.

My balance used to be a lot worse then it is, but it seems that was made some what better by doing a full days work, a drive up to Sheffield, going to a standing gig at the Corporation and then driving back home.

It should have killed me, but strangely enough my balance seemed to have improved from that point onwards. It could just be coincedence of course. It might just be my brain has taught itself to cope with the interupted signals it gets and maintain balance. It is not perfect though, as I often find out when at yoga.


Hi Steve, I’m PPMS also and take Amitriptyline, but not for balance. Never heard of it being used for balance before.

It does help my other symptoms though… much fewer spasms and less twitching, buzzing etc etc. I also feel much calmer and has taken away the fatigue-but-restless feeling I had (still got the fatigue but not the restlessness!).

I’ve only just gone back on it after trying a few other drugs used for PPMS symptoms (Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Topamax) and finally came back to Ami which I prefer. My only problem with it at moment is, although very calm, I’m having trouble sleeping. Hoping that will settle down. I’m on 25 mg at night and might increase it after first few weeks.

Don’t expect it to help with balance though. The best thing I found for balance was a course of physio. The OT department of local council arranged for a physio to come once a week for 6 weeks to my home. She taught me some exercises and gave me some great tips that helped a lot. Your GP will be able to refer you.

Pat x

Hi Steve,

I was prescribed this only last week.

It was prescribed to me due to may reasons including my balance issue.

I hope that helps