AHSCT - talk with neuro coming up

Hello all.

I’m a 40 year old diagnosed 14 years ago.

I was on the tysabri phase 3 trial & 5 year extension + on nhs until October when neuro said my immune response titre and JC+ status meant tysab no longer an option as pml risk too high.

Tysabri seemed to stop my relapses but not progression so much.

I have an appointment with neuro at Kings college hopital on tuesday.

I am going to try and get ahsct on me as:

my immune system is very faulty hence aggesive ms

Drs know fully what rebooted immune system can do?

If there is a tiny chance it could help stop ms I am willing to give it a try. Last roll of the dice?

My prognosis is crap so may as well try.

I was on a trial for 11+ years so the ahsct cost is tiny in comparison.

Anymore arguments anyone can think of??


I would be willing to give it a try as well - 47 and RRMS - would like an MRI pre-HSCT and then post-HSCT and surely this is the way to go with our faulty immune system - yes there is a risk but life is a risk…

Be very sure that’s what you want to try; Multiple Sclerosis Research: ClinicSpeak: reflections on HSCT after the fallout of the BBC Panorama programme