Affected by MS. Reading recommodation

my girlfriend got diagnosed with MS a few months ago. Its been affecting our lives since but we are getting back on track. I can’t put in words how hard it is to see someone you love go through something like this. Shes the strongest and most inspirational person I ever met and makes everyone around her a better person. A few days ago she started a very interesting and humorous blog on tumblr to write about her experiences with MS and updates it daily. For her its a fantastic way to cope with it and engage with other people. I just wanted to share that with you. I know it means a lot to her

Hi Oliver - just read the blog and it’s brilliant! Entertaining, interesting and informative and your girlfriend is a wonderful person. Yes, it’s very hard to see somebody you love and care for going through something like MS, but with your support and her brilliant attitude you’ll be strong together. Keep smiling - and I shall enjoy reading the continuing blog! x