I have been worried about my Twin since Sept lat year he has been going very strange on everyone lately and now he is sick all the time. He has Attention deficit disorder which makes him impossible to talk to.

He had an MRI scan and they found lesions in the brain. So they thought it could be MS at first but have now found bactria in his blood which needs more looking into.

He told everyone that he was bitten by a tick last year which swelled up like a bullseye or something so they are having alot of tests for lyme disease.

They told him that it is always mistaken with MS as it has the same symptom involved.

Has anyone else heard of this and about it getting so confused with MS?

Sorry to hear that news and only replied because no-one else has - Sorry, I can’t help out.

Marcus. (I’ve had MS for ~13 years)

Moogle Star,

This seems to be a fairly good page about Lyme disease (…which, I thought, could sometimes be mis-diagnosed as MS):

I’d also suggest googling ‘Lyme Disease’ and perhaps talking the results over with your twin’s or maybe your own GP ?

Best of luck,