advice please-seeing neuro on 20 December


I finally have an appointment to see a neurologist, and have booked an eye test with an optician tomorrow so I can go armed with an up to date picture (on and off blurred vision, tiny flashing blue lights, pain and grittty itch with stinging tears), but I’ve just had more blood tests back from my GP, who says high urea/uric acid of 422 could explain pin in wrists and hands, and to tell consultant re. worsening bladder problems

How helpful is it to produce a symptoms list at the first appointment? Part of me feels ridiculous, because the list feels endless, and I figure that he’ll notice what’s wrong as he performs his examination. But, this is where I am since February last year:

numb, tingling face, mouth and lips

dead arm in bed-have to play “find the arm” as I can’t feel it

severe headaches and right eye pain

continuous stiffness/pain(muscles/joints-not sure of the difference) all over, epecially left upper back, ribs,heavy dead arms and leg pains, pins and needles

troncheal bursitis (right hip-left has now started to hurt as well)

wetting myself/unable to empty bladder properly

stumbling around-looking like a tightrope walker to avoid falling(lots of flailing arms and alarmed epressions!!!)

painful hands and wrists-dropping things constantly, can’t unscrew lids etc.

stiff right ankle with limited ability to rotate fully

no arches on same foot

feet likes blocks of ice

physio confirms abnormal romberg, and has mentioned upper motor neuron involvement, as well as wasting of hips and weakness pushing outwards with thighs

mixing up words (nonsense words) and forgetting how to swallow

getting stuck on one word/repeating it even though I’m aware I’m doing it

my walk just feels clumsy and very odd… veering off walls and, recently, having to shimmy backwards or sideways because I’ve gone too far in the wrong direction and I have to right myself, just tt leave the room!!


Hi Stormchaser,

Unfortunately; until you have an MRI no one can say what it is. It does look neurological and this will give you an idea of what to expect at your appointment;

You will also see the Optician may not be able to see the cause of your blurry eye; you may have a lesion further back in the brain or optic nerve. This will explain

Good luck


Hi Stormchaser,

Me again; this is a complaint that mimics MS; but also causes bad headaches; could be a possibility.



Thank you for these links,they;ve really helped me to sort out what I need to say at my appt, fingers crossed!!