advice needed please

Can anyone give me any advice about my symptoms. I haven’t been dx with MS although I had many tests, mri’s etc 10 years ago. I was dx’d with fibromyalgia and over the years I have deteriotated. I am reallg struggling with fatigue, but the main problem is pain in my left leg. Without warning the back of my knee feels as though it has been hit with an axe! The pain radiates down my shin and up into my hip. The rest of the time I have a horrible gnawing toothache type pain from my hip down. I had x rays last week and though there is some osteoarthritis present , my gp says the pain I describe doesn’t sound like arthritis pain. My knee isn’t sore to touch and isn’t swollen. I am walking with my leg straight and barely clearing the floor with my foot.

Any advice would be appreciated. Deb

sorry deb but that pain doesnt sound familiar to me.

i’m concerned about the fact that your foot barely clears the floor. you may be developing drop foot.

i had lots of falls due to this but thanks to insoles from the podiatrist i manage to clear the floor.

i dont use the insoles any more because i started wearing easytone trainers - the ones where the soles are off balance.

they make you pick your feet up.

could your gp refer you to podiatry? or physio?

good luck

carole x

Hi, when I was still walking, but with a lot of difficulty, my left leg was the problem. In an effort to clear my foot of the ground, I had to swing my leg out from the hip. This caused really bad pain in the whole leg. I didnt always manage to clear the ground and I had many nasty falls.

Does this sound similar to your problem?

If so, speak to a physio about ways to assist your gait. FES is a system which may help you keep mobile.

i began using a wheelie part time to save me from dangerous falls. I have been a full timer for many years, as i cant walk at all now.

Hopefully you can hold on to your mobility.

luv Pollx

My gp has referred me for physio and I’m just waiting for the appointment. I had plantar faschitits for 7 or 8 months last year and the podiatrist recommended fitflops which I bought…clogs, boots and trainers! I haven’t tried wearing them for while though as I thought in unstable effect of them would make things worse. I’ll give them an airing although I can’t walk for more than about 5 minutes without considerable pain.

Deb x