acid reflux

Hello everyone I am looking for a bit of help and advice please.

I have been on Tecfidera for about 12 weeks now but over the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from heartburn and acid reflux been waking up during the night nearly choking with this acid type of liquid horrible.

I just wondered if anyone else has the same problem plus is there any food or drink I should be avoiding that would help.

I always have suffered from heartburn before Tecfidera but this is worse.

I would be grateful for any suggestions .

Thanks Anne.


I have experienced more heartburn acid etc since i started Tecfidera. I find if i have a couple of strong mints after my meals it seems to keep the heartburn under control.

Hi Anne, I take lansoprazole for my acid reflux.

Before it was diagnosed, I had chest pains and was concerned it might be a heart problem, as there is a lot of that in my family.

The lanso works well and the only time I get indegestion/heartburn now, is when I take my nighttime tablets, without sitting up properly.